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                        Committed to becoming a leader in high-quality generic drugs and new drug intermediates industry

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                        • Intermediate

                        • API

                        R&D Innovation

                        R&D capabilities

                        ● Professional R & D building
                        ● Independent pilot workshop
                        ● Professional R & D team
                        ● Professional testing equipment
                        ● It cooperates closely with Beijing Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Shanghai Institute of organic chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University, China Pharmaceutical University and Changzhou University, and overseas companies also provide corresponding technical support.

                        QC team

                        ● High performance liquid chromatography: Agilent, Shimadzu, etc
                        ● Gas chromatograph: Agilent, Shimadzu, etc
                        ● Infrared spectrometer (Shimadzu), UV spectrometer, biochemical mold culture, etc
                        ● Drug stability experiments (long-term 25 ℃, 30 ℃, accelerated 40 ℃), comprehensive drug stability experiments, etc
                        ● Medical drug refrigeration box 2-8 ℃, low-temperature bacterial strain storage box -40 ℃, etc

                        Jiangsu Jingye Pharmaceutical

                        Express our love with science and technology

                        Jiangsu Jingye Pharmaceutical, formerly known as Jingye Medical Technology Research Institute, was established in 1994 and transformed into a pharmaceutical enterprise in 2016. After more than 20 years of development, Jingye Pharmaceutical has grown into a professional and comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise that integrates research and development, production, import and export.

                        • 1994

                          Jintan Jingye Medical Research Institute Established

                        • 1999

                          Relocation to Xuebu Town, Jintan District, Changzhou City

                        • 2005

                          Jintan Depei Chemical Co., Ltd. Established

                        • 2007

                          Jiangsu Depei Pharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd. Established

                        • 2013

                          Jintan Development and Reform Commission approves the establishment of Jiangsu Jingye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

                        • 2016

                          Jintan Depei Chemical Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to "Jiangsu Jingye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd."

                        • 2016

                          Approved drug production licenses for 7 active pharmaceutical ingredients

                        • 2018

                          Obtaining approval number from the Drug Administration for active pharmaceutical ingredients of loratadine

                        • 2023

                          Obtaining approval number from the Kromitong excipients and drug supervision bureau

                        • Future

                          Future, infinite possibilities


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                        Warmly celebrate the 29th anniversary of the establishment

                        Warmly celebrate the 29th anniversary of the establishment of Jiangsu Jingye...


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                        Our mission is to serve human health and our value is to create social wealth

                        Company vision

                        Adhering to the enterprise development tenet of "serving human health as the mission and creating social wealth as the value", the company adheres to the enterprise culture concept of "involving the quality of life and committed to human health"...


                        Employee life

                        The company has set up a library to subscribe to newspapers, magazines and various publications loved by employees, arrange employees' Ideological and political business learning, enrich knowledge supplies and enhance their personal quality...


                        Jiangsu Jingye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

                        Address: No.88, Shuixi, Xuepu Changshan Village Committee, Jintan District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
                        Postcode: 213200
                        Contact: Ms. Ye
                        Tel: +86-519-82765761, 82765788, 82761788
                        Fax: +86-519-82763571


                        We should always remember that medicines are made for human beings, not for profit. As long as we stick to this belief, profits will follow.
                        Win-win cooperation and achievement of excellence----Jingye Pharmaceutical and its partners are a whole. Without the integration of upstream and downstream, it is impossible to have a complete product. Jingye Pharma has created a good atmosphere, and actively utilized the characteristics and strengths of employees and partners to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

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